Reflection (week 14)

Finally the day has come. thankfully the event went well and all of are there to experience it. I would like to thank all for the great moments that we have during our class together. I really had a great time in this class. I would like to thank Dr. Rosseni , Dr.Fariza and Dr.Khalid for taking care of us in this course. We were thankful that all of you are present when we need your help in the class and guide us in making our projects a success. I really hope the best for all. Love you guys.kuih.png



OUR GROUP ( GROUP 5)20160603_122233.jpg



Reflection (week 13)

We do not have classes today because Dr.Rosseni said that it is best to make your video presentation better. She also said we could use the computer lab to make our discussion or make our video there. We could use the facilities there to make our job easier. My group went to the lab and we made posters. One for our group project and the other one is the Edutechnovation Day poster. We made it as we are the publicity exco.

edutechno day

Reflection (week 12)

This week  we presented our progress for about the third time. We really need to speed up our work so that we have more time in making the video properly.  We had our mini poster and presented in the class.The presentation process went on like usual, the comments and improvement needed. Dr.Khalid also reminded us to make the video not more than 5minutes. Other than that, we also decided to make an Edutechnovation Day on 3rd of June. On this day we invited anyone in UKM to watch our video presentations and poster evaluations. It will be held at Dewan Budiman.

For our group, we did not finished in taking shots and still in progress. But we also could not wait to go to Putrajaya tomorrow to take our shots at Taman Botani and Masjid Putra. This will be our individual work and could improve our skills in taking different shots that Dr.Khalid had taught before in class. Plus, also make an organization for our  Edutechnovation Day so that we could have persons incharge of certain things and make smooth flow on that day event. We now have our own committee members.



Reflection ( week 11)

Today we all cooperate to improve our  presentation. All of us in the class must agai presented their storyboard so that any flaw could be improve. The thing that I like about this class is that the doctors and students help out each other in giving comments on what we must do to improve our video/project. The ideas can be use to make improvement and fix things right.


The picture above is our raw material that we took in the cafeteria of KPZ. We also worked on our project during the weekend as it was easier for everyone in the group to gather and do the project easier. I really hope that we could make a really great video presentation in two weeks come.

Reflection ( week 10)

This is the day we presented our storyboard and we asked to be the second  group to present because we must be elsewhere to meet important people to approve our assignment. Dr. Rosseni allowed us and as soon as we were done with the business, we returned to the class again and continue to watch other people’s presentation. This presentation is to show our progress to Dr.Khalid, Dr. Rosseni and Dr.Fariza regarding our group project. Dr. Khalid told us to present our work in our raw digital material.


After the presentation, the Drs. gave their comments on our work. Now, we have information on what we have to improve and changed about our storyboard. We could use the comments to make our project better than before. Dr. Rosseni gave examples on how to make our project interesting and we were really grateful on that. Dr. Khalid and Dr. Fariza also gave their ideas on how to make our video presentation more interesting.

Reflection (week 9)

I was absent. I have a severe headache and I slept the whole day. It is a shame that I could not attend the class. My friends informed me regarding on what we must bring to our trip and some precautions that we must take such as bring a hat to avoid the hot sun while taking pictures and bring a lot of mineral water so that we do not dehydrated.

Reflection ( week 8)

I was late and Dr Khalid and Dr Fariza were already there. For all I know, Dr. Khalid was discussing and giving examples on how or what should our video be. It titled GOAL OF EDITING. For example, remove unwanted footage, chose the best footage, and create a flow(objectives). We were also taught about the different types of video editing. The next thing that I know, we need to download movie maker software and started to make a short video. The video must be in 5 minutes and must have a wow factor to attract the audiences’ attentions. Alhamdulillah, with all of our hard work and cooperation to help each other, we made it and finish the video and present it in front of the class.

Finish Line
Finish Line. Digitally Generated Image; 19406922

I also made up my own video but did not need to present it. I find it amusing Learning to make a video on our own is very interesting as I could explore all the amazing software and effects that it have on the process of video making. Another thing that occur today is our trip to Penang had just been canceled cause Dr. Rosseni could not book the bus on the date that we have set and we must changed our trip to Putrajaya on 14th of May. I really hope this trip will went well.

Reflection (week 7)

Today we do not have class because it is the week of our mid-sem holiday and Dr.Rosseni told us to do our work, which is the discussion of our group project.


Reflection (week 6)

Today I was able to gain my strength and went to class. The painful feeling on my ankle was bearable. As I was told, last week while my absence, the class was doing on the project of making draft or what we called storyboard about our group project. Our group project is about Recycling. Something in connection about trash and how people react and do with it.

Today we learn about Principles in Multimedia by Dr. Khalid. Dr Khalid had introduced to u about what multimedia is and why do we need to understand it badly. Now I know that Multimedia is a combination of texts, pictures, audio and videos in order to make it happen. Multimedia is important for us to understand as we need to apply it in our group and individual project.We need to know about multimedia as it could assists us in taking pictures properly and making our storyboarding easily to present in the next class. Dr Khalid also made us to create 2 videos using the multimedia components and present it in the class.IMG_20160401_102635


Other than that, we also discuss on where we could go for our educational trip. At first, we have problems in deciding the date and the next thing we knew, we also had problems in where we wanted to go to take great pictures. Many of us of us wanted to go to Penang but some had problems in agreeing to the date suggested. Then, Dr Rosseni suggested that we could go to Taman Botani and Putrajaya (Masjid Putra). It is a backup plan if anything happens to our trip to Penang. The class ended at 12 o’clock. Now, I know how to use multimedia properly and make my presentation be at it best with varieties of medias in it. I also could not wait to get on our photography trip.

Reflection (week 5)

I was absent because I injured myself while getting on the bus. I sprained my ankle badly and was not able to move for three whole days by myself. I gave my MC  to Dr. Rosseni if I’m not mistaken on 25th of March.